Sumner 1910

Sumner 1910 material lift is a versatile lift. It is useful for both light industrial work and for other sectors. The material lift is compact, strong and able to to handle bulky, heavy loads. It is light, easy to transport and excellent for many lifting tasks.

Sumner 1910 can lift up to 160 kg and the fork can reach a height of 3.6m. See the description for further technical data.

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Maximum height

3.6 m

Lifting capacity




Height stowed

2.02 m

Length stowed


Height - operating


Length - operating


Width (min)


Width (max)


Loading height (min.)

0.152 m

Max. height (fork down)

2,98 m

Max. height (fork up)

3,6 m

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 42 × 72 × 202 cm
Standard equipment:
Telescopic aluminum masts
Front wheels
Reversible forks
Basic section with 2 configurations
Transport wheels
Steering handle
Robust winch for lifting loads
Winch control
Holds the fork in the desired position
12.7 cm wheels for transport on rough terrain
Quick action foot brake