SL400 SkyLifter RT

SL400 Sky Lifter RT is a radio-controlled electric vacuum unit that is fitted with telescopic loaders. It is the telescopic loader’s maximum working height that sets the limit for how high you can lift. Maximum load is 400 kg in the entire work area without compromising precision.

Mount the SL400 SkyLifter RT on the telescopic loader with Smartlift adapter and you are ready to mount the windows. The machine can rotate as much as 350 degrees and is controlled with a wireless controller for easy control and overview.

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Lifting capacity

400 kg

Maximum lifting height

depends on the machine SL400 is mounted

Arm extension

385 mm

Side shift

200 mm

Charging voltage

230 V / 110 V

Integrated charger


Charging time

ca. 4 hours


24V, 20Ah

Running time

Up to 8 hours

Suction cups

4 x 300 mm

Net weight


Degree of protection

IP 65

Weight 360 kg
Dimensions 110 × 88 × 60 cm
  • Millimeter precision
  • Stepless in all movements (rotation, tilt)
  • Radio control of all functions
  • Large lifting capacity
  • Safe suction with two vacuum circuits
  • The range of the remote control is 100 m.
  • Runs non-stop with extra battery (optional equipment) which is replaced in an instant without the use of tools