Instant plasterboard pump truck

Instant self-propelled plasterboard pump truck comes with hydraulic raising / lowering for easy use in combination with plasterboard trestles.

The plasterboard pump truck works very well for transporting boards, but also other types of internal transport in buildings and facilities. The truck is battery-powered and the four-wheel steering provides maximum maneuverability in tight spaces, as well as good ergonomics for the user.

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Weight 330 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 160 cm

ErgoMover can be supplied with a wide range of accessories, making the machine ideal for transporting boxes, drums, tubes or plates. ErgoMover is also available with a practical turntable as an option.

Capacity 1,500 Kg
Max. speed 6 Km / h
Wheel drive 24V
Batteries 2 x 95 A
Length (excl. / Incl. Handle) 1.7 / 2.61 m
Width 0.69 m
Height 0.575 – 0.725 m
Weight 250 Kg