Sumner 2210 Lil’ Hoister-lifter

Sumner 2210 Lil’Hoister material lift is one of the most versatile material lifts in our range. It is equally ideal for industrial work as well as for other sectors. The material lift is compact, robust and an indispensable helper when it comes to unwieldy and heavy loads. It is light, easy to transport and excellent for many lifting tasks.

Sumner 2210 Lil’Hoister can lift up to 135 kg, and the fork can reach a height of 3.4 m.

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Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 33 × 66 × 178 cm


Max height3.40 m
Lifting capacity135 kg
Weight49 kg
Transport height1.78 m
Transport length0.33 m
Transport width0.66 m
Height (in use)1.78 m
Length (in use)1.04 m
Width (in use)0.79 m
Max. height (fork down)3.00 m
Max. height (fork up)3.40 m



Standard equipment:
Foldable transport wheels
Convenient concealment of cable
Winch steering with two speeds
Extra securing of mast
20.32 cm durable transport wheels
Easy removal of forks
Extendable legs for greater stability
Double, 5 cm wide wheels for easy maneuvering
Rear handle
Compact storage size

Aluminum tray
“Dually” wheels for use in rough terrain or when the lift is used as a hand truck
Braking equipment