Sumner 2412

Sumner 2412 is the perfect material lift for contractors in electrical, steel and indoor climate. It is also well suited for industrial maintenance. When the material lift is folded, it is not higher than 159.4 cm or wider than 67.1 cm, which means that it can easily get through all standard door openings.

The forks of Sumner 2412 are raised and lowered with a crank, and can reach a height of a maximum of 4 m. The material lift has a lifting capacity of 200 kg.

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Weight 89 kg
Dimensions 59 × 67 × 160 cm


Max height4.0 m
Lifting capacity200 kg
Net weight88.5 kg
Transport height1.59 m
Transport length0.58 m
Height (in use)1.59 m
Length (in use)1.22 m
width0.67 m
Max height (fork up)4.0 m
Max. height (fork down)3.7 m


Standard equipment:
A compact lift of 4 meters
With capacity to lift 200 kg
One-piece machine (no loose parts)
Very easy to move for one-man jobs
Fits in most habits and SUVs
3.7 m or 4 m height when the forks are turned

Very suitable for:
HVAC contractors
Electrical contractors
Industrial maintenance
Steel contractors
Facility Management