Instant MC 3.5 material lift

The Instant MC series are material lifts that cover most lifting needs and are easy to use. Instant MC 3.5 has a lifting height of 3.5m, which can lift up to 295 kg.

The mast has a transport height of 2.03 meters which allows the lift to get through doorways, and it also fits well in cars with less storage space. The polyurethane wheels make Instant material lifts safe to use on most surfaces.

This material lift does not use support legs as the model in the picture.

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Maximum lifting capacity

295 kg (load center 36cm)
256 kg (load center 46cm)
213 kg (load center 56cm)
193 kg (load center 61cm)

Maximum lifting height

3,5 m


1,75 m


0,73 m


2,03 m

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 86 × 80 × 193 cm

Standard equipment:
Crane attachments
Reversible forks
Easy to adjust and merge
Goes easily through standard doorways and on the loading platform
No tools needed – the elevator has no loose components
Large load cable
Lockable, 12.7 cm thick polyurethane wheels
Hidden load cables inside the mast