Instant Snap-out

Snap-Out scaffolding is used when you have very limited access to enclosed rooms such as. tanks, aggregates and shafts. The scaffolding is often used in the chemical industry, the power industry and the shipbuilding industry.

Snap-Out has diagonal and horizontal articulated braces that lock automatically, as well as UpRights Rib-Grip joints. The articulated struts / braces allow the sections to be folded into a small bundle with a minimal diameter so that you can thread the scaffolding through small openings. Strong safety strap keeps the bundles together.

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Standard section

1.29m x 1.29m / 1.83m x 1.83m

Minimum opening for access

0.36m x 0.36m

Platform width

0.56 m

Platform length

1.29 m / 1.83 m

Width special platform

0.28 m (connected 2 pcs)

Length special platform

1.29 m / 1.83 m

Lightweight and compact: Easy storage and transport. The Snap-Out scaffolding is folded into a light,compact and manageable bundle.

Access: Ideally for entry through the boiler, tank hatches and other limited access points.

Assembly: Snap-Out unfolds in a second in a tower module. Additional folded modules are lifted into position, immediately locked to the module below and then extended up to the desired platform height.

Tools: Assembly / disassembly without the use of tools.

Quality: Snap-Out complies with international design, production and quality standards.

Options:Can be delivered with a special platform «twin set». Can also be delivered with a special arrangement (davit) for hoisting sections during assembly / disassembly.