Scaffolding – package Gavl

Working height: 6 / 8m
Platform height: 4 / 6m
Scaffolding length: 7,71m
Scaffolding depth: 0,73 m
Number of sections length: 3
Number of sections height: 2 / 3 / 2

Maximum load class 5 (450kg/ m²)
Ladder sections load class 3 (200kg/ m²)

Instant HD is an aluminum scaffolding with a maximum load class of 5. The scaffolding has been developed for heavier jobs in construction, industry and offshore. The system is flexible, robust and has a low dead weight.

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Scaffolding length:



6m / 8m working height
4m / 6m platform height


08 Bottom sleeve
20 Spir 2,0 m
08 Spir 1,0 m
20 Side stay 2,57 m
16 Side stay 0,73 m
03 Diagonal stay, 2,57 m section
04 Diagonal stay, 0,73 m section
10 U-Transom 073
03 Platform w / hatch and ladder, 0,61 x 2,57 m
08 Platform (steel) 0,32 m x 2,57 m
08 Bench adjustment 1 m w / foot plate
06 Wall bracket 0.60 m, pipe type
06 Coupling, swivel, SW22
06 Eyebolt
07 Foot list, 2,57 m
06 Baseboard, end piece
10 Coupling w / baseboard mount, SW22

Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 365 × 120 × 160 cm

Instant HD has a patented splicing process with cold form is a technological improvement of our original splicing system with structural handles, which has been used successfully in our aluminum towers for over 50 years. Instant Upright remains the market leader in the application and development of this technology.

Instant HD is a modular scaffolding system in aluminum and consists of prefabricated components that are designed in accordance with the provisions of EN-12810, EN-12811, Eurocode 9 and EN-74. The scaffolding has been tested by Oxford Brookes University and complies with BS EN 12811-3 – Equipment for temporary work..

A modular scaffolding system has many advantages over traditional systems.
– The scaffolding is easier to set up. The prefabricated vertical sprouts and side struts have standard dimensions, and can therefore be assembled without the need for measurement every time it is to be placed on a side strut or crossbar.

– The scaffolding can be set up faster. Typically, a standard pairing can be performed in less than 5 seconds. With traditional systems, this would take more than 20 seconds if the position were to be both measured and adjusted.

– Consists of fewer parts. Since the prefabricated parts have already been fitted with coupling components, the set consists of fewer parts, which makes transport to the assembly site less time-consuming.

– You can still use traditional scaffolding systems if desired. You can save time by using a modular system in connection with the preparatory operations, and rather switch to a traditional scaffolding setup when extra flexibility is needed. The pipes used in Instant HD parts are compatible with standard scaffolding systems.

The basic components of the Instant HD scaffolding system are vertical sprouts, crossbars, side struts, double side struts and vertical diagonal struts. These components are available in several sizes in 3 categories: available component sizes. 0.36m 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.40m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m and 3.07m lengths.