UpRight, narrow – 4m working height

Working height 4 m
Platform height 2 m
Length 2.5 m
Width 0.78 m

Permitted load 200kg / m2 (load class 3)
Maximum load per scaffolding: 720 kg.

UpRight 500 aluminum scaffolding is suitable for you who want a little extra space to work on. This scaffolding has integrated ladders in the frame, platform in single width (narrow) and 2.5 m length. The scaffolding is suitable for those who are looking for quality at a favorable price.

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4 pcs Wheels with leg adjustmentl
1 pc Vertical frame 4-step
1 pc Vertical frame 4-step with ladder
1 pc Vertical frame 2-step
1 piece Vertical frame 2-step with ladder
1 pc Platform w / hatch
2 Diagonal struts
5 pcs Horizontal struts
1 baseboard complete


Working height 4 m
Railing height: 3 m
Platform height 2 m





Weight 136 kg
Dimensions 270 × 80 × 50 cm

When you buy a scaffolding from Instant, you must be sure that you get a scaffolding that meets your needs, is safe and easy to use. UpRight 500 is a scaffolding system with 50cm step spacing with integrated welded ladders. The scaffolding is made of aluminum of very good quality, has a low dead weight and can be mounted / dismounted quickly without the use of tools.

The scaffolding is easily characterized by the very special joints under the name Rib-Grip®, a technique that was developed by the manufacturer’s engineers as early as 1966. In short, this means that welding is avoided by cold-pressing load-bearing structures and squeezing them together under high pressure. A number of independent tests have shown that this production technique provides superior strength and durability. Rib-Grip® joints have a 10-year warranty.

Some brief facts:
• Load class 3. Max. load 200 kg per sqm. Max. load per scaffolding 720 kg
• Max. working height freestanding: 14m Max (double width).
• Scaffolding width, 0.82m (single width) and 1.43m (double width)
Scaffolding length: 2.5 m
• Low dead weight, quick assembly / disassembly without the use of tools