Mantall XE60CT OR – 6.8m

Mantall has a wide range of crawler lifts for indoor and outdoor use. The XE60CT OR has a working height of 6.8 m and a max platform extension of 0.9m. The platform capacity is 230 kg.

Tre crawler scissor lift features a rubber-track undercarriage with a tank-like structure, which allows it to work on soft terrain without sinking, thus overcoming the restriction that aerial work platforms only can operate on the hard ground. This crawler scissor lift will not damage the floor or leave a trace when turning at zero degree thanks to its non-marking rubber tracks, making it suited to indoor jobsites. The crawler track system is characterized by low noise level and less vibrations, and ideal for quick transportation from one job site to another.

Mantall XE-CT/OR series is designed for working on uneven ground because it has hydraulic self-levelling legs, which allow user to automatically level the scissor lift on slopes up to 4.5 degrees by front to back direction and up to 10 degrees by side to side direction.

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Max. Working height H1

6.8 m

Max. Platform height H2

4.8 m

Max. Outreach

0.9 m

Lifting capacity

230 kg

Lifting capacity on the extension

115 kg

Platform size B*C*A

1.84×0.9×1.1 m

Overall length and width E*F

2.26×1.12 m

Height stowed D

2.12 m

Height-guardrails folded

1.75 m

Ground clearance(m)

0.13 m

Raising time/Lowering time(s)

24/22 s

Drive Speed, stowed

1.7 Km/h

Drive Speed, raised

0.7 Km/h



Tilt sensor- front to back

Tilt sensor- side to side

Outrigger Level ability-front to back


Outrigger Level ability-side to side


Drive Model

Electric Drive

Hydraulic tank capacity

10 L

Crawler size

Y200*72 -49 Section

Max. platform occupancy

2 pers

Power source


Vekt 1445 kg
Transportmål 226 × 112 × 212 cm
Standard Features
  • 0.9X1.84Mplatform
  • Tilt alarm system
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Explosion-proof of the oil tube
  • Automatic brake system
  • Safety maintenance support bar
  • 200*72 hard rubber crawler
  • Hour meter
  • External charging indicator
  • AC socket in the platform
  • All motion alarm
  • Fault code display
  • Flash light
  • Buzzer
  • Proportional control
  • Emergency lower down
  • Manual brake release
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Handheld fault diagnostic device
  • Overload sensor


  • This crawler electric scissor lift has the characteristics of zero emission, no noise, and has strong climbing function.
  • Load capacity up to 230Kg, the lifting is stable, safe and reliable.
  • Strong driving power and fast traction speed
  • With on board diagnostic system, intelligent fault alarm system and other functions.